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RE: rev limiter; scarred s*&%tless

>I don't think it has a rev limiter, the owner manual doesn't say a word
>about it. I also saw once my auto trans letting the revs go far into the
>red area.
>However, there is a boost pressure limiter that is supposed to cut the
>fuel pump when the boost reaches 1.5 (according to the boost gauge in
>the dash), so next time it happens watch the boost gauge rather than the

There IS a rev limiter and it cuts the fuel pump exactly the same way as the
boost limiter does ... if you've never experienced it before, the suddeness
can surprise you.  Since the original poster was running downhill, it stands
to reason that the car would hold its speed even though the fuel flow to the
motor had been cut off ... next time it happens, simply shift up a gear.
Most stock cars don't make much power after 58-5900 rpm in any event!
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