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Re:It wasn't an engine oil leak

>The fluid coming out of my '92 100S was not motor oil. It
turns out that the
>head gasket job is o.k. 

This is a "Good thing"!  Both for you and the mechanic!

>This time the car is leaking tranny fluid. 

This is "not" a good thing!  Especially for you!  Mechanic
>says that a couple of gaskets or seals have probably gone
bad in the tranny.

This is where I would personally, get up under my car. 
Search out, and 
VERIFY exactly where the fluid is coming from!

I'd hate to pay 10 hours labor, for a few loose pan bolts,
or a loose dip stick!

He said figure about 10 hours of labor (@ $42 an hour) to
drop the tranny and
replace the gaskets, and less than $100 for the parts
needed. Does about $520
sound like a decent price for this type of work?

Depends if it requires a "drop" ?  Here is that element of
so many people get confused about, or have very little or
no "expertise"
in!  Transmission problems, leaks, can easily become "major
in the hands of a mechanic with a unknowledgeable client! 
Or an 
"inexperienced AUDI mechanic" can create allot more work
than is necessary
by being "unfamiliar" with the Audi "quirks" associated
with its componentry!

Personally, I like to verify such problems, see for my self
the fluid is coming
from the gearbox's internals, making sure its not
"over-filled", and not
leaking from a loose bolt or attachment piece!  Could even
be a sensor, or 
shift linkage seal!

Knowing for sure, could ultimately save you "hundreds" of
> Counting the $920 I spent
>last month on the head gasket and timing belt replacement,
thats about $1500
>in two months in repairs! These damn repairs are killing

Exactly the reason I bought my first Bentley manual, and
began my 
"adventure" in Audi repair's my self!   Even if you dont
"Mr mechanic" there is allot of good "knowledge" and simple

tasks you can perform, that will save you hundreds,
of dollars.  Verifying certain problems, prior to getting
wrenched, will save you cash too!  Because you can walk
into any
shop, let them know "exactly" whats wrong, and afterwards,
know they "fixed" exactly what was wrong!

Now if you earn allot of income, and it doesn't bother you
that on your Audi, you will be spending allot more!

Sad but true!  Audi's are 'high dollar" maintenance cars! 
Parts alone
are expensive!  Even wholesale!  That, combined with paying
labor fee's
will cost you allot of cash!   

Personally, I would be a bit "leery" of a mechanic that
wants to drop
said gearbox, at the first sign of a leak!  

Can you get a second opinion?