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Re: 2.6 Stroker

    The 2.6L "stroker" kit once offered by "Euro-race" was
never perfected!
Their Coupe Q suffered from "fueling problems" in the lower
rpm range!
All this dispite a specially programmed chip, designed for
the system!

Eventually this car was offered for sale!  I called, and
they would not 
"confirm" their fueling problems were remedied!

The crank is this kit is from Belgium, and differs slightly
from the OEM
crank.  Clearencing is a small problem with the con-rod
ends interfering
with the lower piston bore skirt.  You "need" to know what
you are doing
with this crank, in order to machine the block correctly!

ABT re-maps the fueling, to compensate, with this crank! 
Plus you dont
see them running these engines on the streets, with pump
Currently the 83 crank with 83mm pistons, is the
Good luck getting ahold of an 83 crank!