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'85 ur-q for sale in Massachusetts

No, not mine.

This oh-so-rare '85 ur-quattro is located in Danvers, MA and is owned by
Carol Martini, a doctor at Brigham and Womens hospital in Boston. She
purchased it from the owner of Annis Audi in 1987.

The car itself is Titan Red with light grey leather interior (hey Anton,
sound familiar? Ain't life weird?). It's got all the available options
for the ur-q and is totally stock with the exception of an alarm. It's
got 120K on it (I think) and she's asking $12,500 for it.

The car's got late 4000/Coupe style flush lights that she insists are
original. I've never seen an ur-q with factory flush lights, but I've
been told that some late build cars got them. I think her's was built
late in the production run - like a dummy I forgot to check and see if
it has the fiberglass trunklid. 

Carol's email address is: CAMARTINI@BICS.BWH.HARVARD.EDU

Carol's not really an "enthusiast" but she really likes the car. She's
treated it like a normal car (gasp!) since she's owned it. In other
words, she's relied on it to take her where she needs to go with a
minimum of fuss and bother.

I saw the car a couple times last summer and it looked pretty nice.

If somebody local buys it, you have to promise to take me for a ride in


Bryan Gunn