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Re: '85 ur-q for sale in Massachusetts

Phil -

> > The car's got late 4000/Coupe style flush lights that she insists are
> > original. I've never seen an ur-q with factory flush lights, but I've
> > been told that some late build cars got them. I think her's was built
> > late in the production run - like a dummy I forgot to check and see if
> > it has the fiberglass trunklid.
> The latter is _NOT_ a good indicator of age.  I know a number of post-1987 cars
> with steel lids.  Does it have gas-filled struts to support the bonnet (hood)?

Hmm. No, it has a steel rod to support the hood.

> Of course, the VIN number ...

Don't have it.

> I think it might be a "grey".

Nah. Definitely an '85 US model. Analog instruments, US bumpers. The
lights are the same as used on US Coupes and 4000s. Single reflector and
amber corners. If it was a Euro model, it'd be sitting in my garage
right now. :-)


Bryan Gunn