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Re: 2.8v6 60k service/Timing Belt

Hairy green toads from Mars made siegfried say:

> I know this issue is sort of tired but....
> Got quote from local dealer on 60k service on my 94 2.8v6 90csq: for
> $550, they will flush brake fluid, replace oil, and "tune up".  For
> another $340, they will replace timing belt, and two tensioners if
> necessary for $70/each.

Run away!

There is no tuneup required at 60K. New plugs may be in
order, but they are $2.50 each and install in 5 minutes.

Sounds like the typical "60K $$$$ ripoff" to me.

> How imperative is the brake fluid flush? - I would think a timimg belt
> replacement, with a careful check of engine nuts/bolts is more
> important.  Is it a matter of opening bleed valves and pumping gallons
> of fluid with pedal or....?

You should do this, but any competent brake shop can do it
for $50 or less.


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