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2.8v6 60k service/Timing Belt

I know this issue is sort of tired but....

Got quote from local dealer on 60k service on my 94 2.8v6 90csq: for
$550, they will flush brake fluid, replace oil, and "tune up".  For
another $340, they will replace timing belt, and two tensioners if
necessary for $70/each.

How imperative is the brake fluid flush? - I would think a timimg belt
replacement, with a careful check of engine nuts/bolts is more
important.  Is it a matter of opening bleed valves and pumping gallons
of fluid with pedal or....?

Does anybody have the '92+ 100/200/A6 Bentley manual?  If so, then could
you look it over and tell us if it would be worth spending $255 (for a
manual that doesn't even really apply to my car) for information on
timimg belt replacement.

Anybody feel like posting step-by step procedures on 2.8V6? Lots of 12v
v6s now with 60K plus lots more on their way.


P.S. I'm afraid to give my car to dealer - during warranty, their MO was
to happily replace any part with a scratch on it 'cause Uncle Audi gets
the bill.  I'm worried that attitude will spill over non-warranty and
result in alot - I mean ALOT - of unnecessary costs.