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Re: Which Bentley manual for '93 90Q?

you wrote:

> Is the manual listed below also good for the '93 90Q?  There isn't one
showing 1993 in the title.

Sorry sport, manual referred to is totally useless for the '93 90Q -
completely different car (e.g., 2.8l 12V V6 instead of Inline - 5 10V or
20V, tranny, body different, etc....).  Better to get 92-96 100/200/A6
manual or AllData CD (see website via search) or nothing at all. I
called Bentley to see if they are planning to issue 90-series manual. I
believe they are considering rolling into A4 manual (although I can't
imagine how: totally different suspension/chassis/brakes/body style/and
I believe, quattro system).

Good luck, us V6 90 owners are kinda stuck in the twilight zone in terms
of aftermarket support - despite the car's excellence.  We'll just have
to try supporting each other.

94 90csq