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RE: Anyone Modify a Coupe Quattro '90-'91, '92?

Dunno about who has done what, but there are a few of us CQ owners
looking to. I am pretty happy (see below about checkbook impedance)
about what I have now, but am always looking to find out about the hot

Engine things that have been discussed on the list range from the mild
to the wild, including the 2.7 stroker kit featured in ec a while back,
a 3B transplant, Schrick cams, Schaumburg throttle body, ExtrudeHone, a
Sprongl turbo upgrade, bigger exhaust. Folklore has it the head is where
to focus on N/A motors, the exhaust and intake can apparently flow more
than the head. More bang can possibly be had for fewer bucks with a
turbo, either a graft on or a complete motor transplant. An ersatz S2 is
kind of appealing, with an S4/6 motor stuffed in. Real S2 plumbing
(intercooler and other intake stuff, and exhaust stuff) might be able to
be sourced from a British wrecker such as Sanborn, the ECU prolly has to
come from a US-spec car to pass emissions.

Suspension stuff includes the typical wheels/tahrs, spring kits (H&R,
Eibach), coil-overs (no flames, please, I want to see Brendan's at Mt
Wash), strut inserts (Koni, Bilstein), bushings (poly ones or just plain
new rubber ones).

Then there's the brakes. Not a lot of options, but you can go with
drilled or slotted rotors, and carbon pads are available.

All cost (what a surprise), some more than others. The trick is to
balance the impedance of your checkbook with your need for speed. HTH.

-Ian Duff.
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	Has anyone increased the engine and chassis performance of the
	Quattro '90-'91?  I test drove one and found the low-end torque
	disappointingly low especially compare with my 86cgt which I
rarely have to
	 downshift unless I want some zoom.  Thx.



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