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Two Quattros FOR SALE

The recently posted 89 200 tq is now officially for sale. Besides what I
posted the other day, here are a few concerns some of you have. The color is
OEM although I don't know the name or  code. It is metallic blue, maybe with
a bit of green in it. Besides the minor front end damage, the rear bumper
cover is slightly cracked/dented in the one corner. There are a few minor
dents and scratches here and there, again, nothing major. The interior isn't
bad, although it was inhabited by kids. No apparent tears, just a little
dirty. As far as the drivetrain goes, all seems to be working and sound. The
price will be $4750. And this offer will stand at least through the end of
the month, at which time the car will go to auction. I may be able to delay
just a little longer if the interest is there. Delivery is available and the
car is located in Reading Pa.

1984 4kq, needs paint work (no dents or wrecks) needs one wheel bearing,
seems to need an a-arm bushing, shifter bushings, and rear diff won't
unlock. Drivetrain works well, and car would make a great fixer-upper.
Asking $1700 obo, trades!?!?

                       Rolf Mair is: waves@epix.net
        Racing Resume for Sponsors/Corvettes for sale/Racing Pix @
    Head Coach and Founder of the Seventh Wave jr. Ski Racing Team @ Doe Mt.Pa
               1994,95,96 East Coast USA SCCA Solo 1 Champion