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V8 Valdez -or- why no Audi dealers can even spell V8

I posted a note a couple of weeks ago about putting my V8 in (again) for that 
darn oil leak that drops right on the exhaust causing copious amounts of smoke 
and embarassment.  While I was at it, I asked them to replace the O2 sensor 
and replace the left turn signal lens...at least they got the last right.

I brought the car into Rockville Porsche Audi for the work.  When I brought it 
in, I even gave them the Service Bulletin that described a leak that sounded 
similar (an earlier post here).  They called me up and said "There is no leak 
and the sensor is fine"  ARRGGHHH!!!  I asked if they had driven it and really 
did not get a response.  It is amazing how incompetent dealers can be....Of 
course I had an idea that they knew little about Audi's (despite their name) 
when I picked up the car.  I asked them a question about an S6 wagon (I posted 
it here as well...my friend did buy it).  I got a look and the answer "No such 
beast"...another guy popped out of an office and said, "no, those were those 
special ones in '93"!!!!!!   Amazing.

Well I'm trying one more dealer (this will be my 4th) to see if they can fix 
it.  if not, I'm going to fabricate some sort of drip diverter.  I'll keep the 
list posted.

Mark Hogan
Bethesda, MD
90 V8
94 Safari awd
89 BMW k1