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Quattro Club USA Michigan Chapter Audi Fest

Graydon, et all:

Here are the particulars taken from Francois Faloppa's letter:

"The Quattro Club USA Michigan Chapter is palnning it's first Audi Fest and
Potluck Picnic on Sunday, June 22nd from 11 am 'til???  This gathering of
Audi enthusiasts will be held at Independence Oaks Metro Park located about
ten minutes north of I-75 on Sashabaw Road (Exit 89) in Clarkston, Michigan.
 The park has a small swimming lake and boat rentals.

There will be a fun concourse to show off our Audis --so bring your baby
clean and shiny!

Also, we are keep to get the Michigan Chapter "in gear" and we will hold
elections for officers at this time.  Your input and ideas are important to
us and will help ensure that the Michigan Chapter is off to a successful

So...bring your family and friends, and of course, your AUDI!!!
Everyone is welcome!  Hope to see you June 22nd.  For more information please
call Francois Faloppa at 810/589-8176.


Francois Faloppa"

Hope you can make it.  I posted this because Francois is not yet on the 'net.
 And I plan to be there.

Ingo Rautenberg
'90 V8Q 172k+