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Q's and Moose don't mix!

Just came back from putting 800 miles on the Q this weekend...pre-eminent
lister Bob Davis and I went up to the Montreal GP
this weekend and had a great time enjoying the race (complete with all the
wonderful racing fuel fumes, great weather, sexy French Canadian women, and
hordes of fans) with over 100,000 other like minded folks.
     On the way back last night I launched yet another cup of coffee onto
the carpets while heating up the brakes to avoid the second Moose of the
weekend.  First was a bull with a rack the size of an A8 and the second a

Simple Green cut by 2/3 water makes a stupendous carpet cleaner.  Still
loving my AFT C/K brakes!

Total miles driven: 800
Total Moose avoided: 2
Foxes avoided: 1
Deer seen and not hit: 2
German Shepards not killed in the middle of the road: 1
Do those mid-west roads provide nearly this much entertainment?  :-?)

Thanks for the indulgence...and Welcome Back Igor...this list really needs
you lately!~!!

 90Q20V (no Moose fur)