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Re: '83 5000s turned Q

In a message dated 97-06-16 12:33:11 EDT, aeckhardt@starlinx.com (Andrew
Eckhardt) writes:

<< Wasn't there a 200Q that was essentially the same body? Anyone have
 anything to say about this "trick"? I'm looking for parts too. Thanks. >>

Two words:   Quantum Synchro.    

     I'm pretty sure (but I dont make a bold statement here) the when the '84
5000 came out Volkswagen carried over the early series 5k and named it the
Quantum.  There was an all wheel drive car and it was called the Synchro.
  I'm sure others on the list can either verify or deny.
     My suggestion would be to start out with a 5kT  it is a better platform
to start with as it came with a 130hp T motor and it already had 4whl disk
brakes.  The latter wouldn't make to much difference if yyou do the major
conversion to Q drive sys and indy rear susp.

Good luck with the project, I had an '81 5kT and I loved that car.  I wish I
had the resources at the time to give her a 5 speed.

Auf wiedersehein,