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Window won't go

I KNOW this has been covered, but still can't find things in the archives,
so please bear with me.

Why won't my rear window go back up (86 4KQ)?
I've checked the switches and they seem to be OK.

For some weeks the window wouldn't go either up or down, but at least it
was closed.  Today it decided to work and went down.  Then it changed it's
mind and decided to go on strike again.
Of course this was while I was on my way out of town for several days, so I
had to take a time out.  As a temporary fix I ended up pulling the door
apart and clamping the window up after detaching the glass from the
regulator.  Does this signal the end of life for this regulator, or is
there some simpler fix.  Thanks for any help.  As I say, I know this has
been discussed before, so maybe a private reply would be in order.
Dave C.   
David Conner  Columbus, OH 
'87 5KS,  '89 100E, '86 4KCSQ