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Re: Quantum Synchro

>> There is one rather large difference between the 4kq and Quantum Syncro, 
>> that is the rear drivtrain. On the Audi, it's obvious the Quattro system. 
>> However, on the VW, the front half is 4kq, the rear is VW Syncro system.
>> the only car in the US to ever recieve A2/A3 chassis all wheel drive 
>> system was the Quantum. 

>Bzzzt.  The Quantum Syncro is exactly the same as the 4000 quattro
>mechanically, including both the front and rear suspensions.  Now,
>the FWD Quantum is not the same as the FWD 4000 in the rear suspension,

Sorry to add fuel to the fire, but I saw a Quantum Synchro wagon in the
junkyard a few weeks ago, and the rear suspension was NOT like the 4Kq.
It looked to use a trailing arm rather than the subframe-with-control-arm
suspension of the 4Kq.

The rear *drivetrain*, however, did look to be the same quattro system as
in the 4Kq.

Oh, and the wagon had the cool "Synchro" lettering embedded into the rear
window defroster, just like the 4Kq "quattro" lettering.  I thought it was
a very nice touch.  :)

'85 Coupe GT
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