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Re: What is it about the bomb?

> > If it is the seals, can they be replaced?
> No, when it's dead it's dead.
> > I had my bomb tested two years ago for a small leak (which it had) and
> > it
> > has not failed. It still takes between 10 - 20 seconds for the brake
> > light
> > to go out when starting. I have never had a loss in pressure.
> >
> When the light go's out when the engine starts get out the bucks for a
> new one.
Actually Steve Powers found out that for his S6 the brake light would stay
on for a few seconds, maybe as many as 10.  The dealer tried to fix it, 
but the word back from Audi was that it was operating properly.  This may
be BS, I'm just forwarding what I heard.  

It turns out that Bentleys and Citroens use a similar hydraulic system.
There is a guy at work that is a big CX(?) fan, and he tells me that they 
have pressure accumulators that can be recharged or rebuilt.  I don't 
know if it is possible to retrofit one of these units to an Audi.  The
other thing to keep in mind is that there are different kinds of "bombs."
The one on my '83 urQ screws into the valve body and is very easy to re-
place.  The one on the '88 5kCSQ appears to be a little more integrated
with the valve body.  The 80/90Q may be different than both ...

If you have any issues with a system as crucial as the braking system 
you really should seek out professional assistance.  

San Jose, CA (USA)