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Re: What is it about the bomb?

In article <199706171640.JAA02400@sled>, in mail.Audi_List,Steven Buchholz 

> It turns out that Bentleys and Citroens use a similar hydraulic system.
> There is a guy at work that is a big CX(?) fan, and he tells me that they 
> have pressure accumulators that can be recharged or rebuilt. 

Certainly there is a big UK after market in re charged Citroen spheres.I 
just fitted 3 of them to a BX today.They were less than half the price of 
new units.The car is an old thing,and not worth the additional expense of 
new units.They worked perfectly,and restored the ride and stopped the 
pressure regulator clicking constantly...

    Best Regards,
                 Chris Wilson