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RE: upgrade ideas for my 86 5KCST

Preston Brown wrote:

	>Hi fellow listers,

	>Over the past year and a half I have had many >(expensive)
problems with my
	>86 5KCST (auto), but I'm glad to say that as of >late, after
replacing many
	>major things, it seems to be cooperating.  I am >starting to
get the
	>feeling that the time may be OK to start dumping >things into

	>I would like to get more power.  I also have a 97 >Passat GLX,
manual, and
	>the difference is quite pronounced.  I know that >there are
upgrades from
	>TAP and IA.  I think that certain listmembers may >have also
brewed up
	>their own chip/wg assembly, correct?  What are >approximate
prices, and
	>which direction should I go?

Wastegate spring and ECU chip should be your first step. Also K&N filter
if you haven't it done already. The problem is, Audi's auto transmission
cannot drive much more torque that comes from a stock engine. So you
shouldn't expect much power increase without burning the tranny.

	>My only concern is >that the chk engine light
	>still comes on when accelerating at highway speeds >(say 70
mph).  Self
	>diagnostics reveal engine code 2041, which blames >the knock
sensor.  I
	>haven't had it replaced yet because no shop believes >me, and
they don't
	>test drive it long enough to find out for >themselves...am I
correct in
	>assuming that if the sensor is toast my car is in a >constant
state of
	>total timing retardation?  Would doing the >performance mods
regardless be

If you make any performance mods involving increased boost pressure you
are more likely to have knock condition occuring in your engine.
Therefore, I would strongly recommend fixing the knock sensor before
doing any mods.

	>I am also interested in the feasibility of putting a >manual
	>in to replace the autobox.  About how much could I >expect to
spend?  I'm
	>not a good mechanic, so I wouldn't be doing this.  I >may
understand a
	>thing or two, but not that much.  Would it be worth >the price?

You could find a good used manual tranny on the junkyard and sell your
autobox, it could lower the cost significantly. The swap will also
require changing the throttle linkage, some mods to the cooling system
and electrics, installing new pedals, clutch MC... a lot of work. And
you still can't put too much power if you have only front wheels driven.
If you are heading for real performance, why not sell your car and get a