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Masculine or feminine?

Is an Audi masculine or feminine? Take your pick: Today, mine's a b*tch (F)
or maybe a son-of-a-b*tch (M) because the clutch hydraulics flat died and
the pedal is on the floor - bleeding doesn't help  . . . but that will be
fixed in a few days. About a $150 sacrifice to the Audi Gods.

Random datapoint about women noticing cars - (non-judgemental - just

ALL women, repeat ALL women instinctively recognize Mercedes Benz - it has
to be hormonal- only explanation that makes sense.

ALL other cars fall into two categories - yes, I'll ride in it, no I won't
ride in it. What make it is is totally irrelevant - if she likes it, she'll
ride in it, if she doesn't, forget it. Nothing else matters, not brand, not
age, not "classic" status, not rarity. Period. Non-negotiable. Stop.
Couldn't care less.

_Men_ look at makes and models of cars - kind of like how we sometimes sneak
a look at another guy's wristwatch to see what kind it is (and how much it

Experience of 35 years or so chasing women (varying degrees of success), and
by NO means an expert on this subject - when I'm 150 years old, I'll write
the first draft of the introduction to the first chapter of my book "All
About Women". Until then, I'm still doing the research.

Nomex on and locked. (Grin!)

Best of Luck,

Mike Arman