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RE: Motorcycles & Law & Society (was UNCON. BRAKE!~)

To the Quattro List:

I'm sorry I started this thread and this will be my LAST post on the topic:

Please do not misunderstand me.  Your points are well taken and I
_do_believe in a mandatory helmet law.

However, your letter was full of implied assumptions that are just not true
or fair...re: parents sueing, coverage limits, salable assets etc...Your
reasonable explanation for helmet laws in the US would have had a lot more
impact if you left them out.

As for this comment of yours >>>>causing all of us to rightfully think that
you, if not all                                    motorcyclists, are
simply immature whining children.

     Sounds like you don't give the listers enough credit for having their
own ideas!
It is precisely the attitude you expressed or implied that gives bikers a
bad name...these are
old stereotypes which have no real value...thanks...all Audi owners are
yuppies, right?

     Priced a bike lately? They are more and more a hobby of those with
disposable income, not of folks who are poor and un-insured.

     You appear to be as mis-informed as the young ladies at the beach who
check me out on my bike because they don't realize that under my leathers
and helmet there beats the heart of a 34 year old bald guy who is really
not that cool.  I can live with that.  I just love to ride.

Give me a break (not a brake)

Paul Royal

Motorcycle Rider (bought from an Executive at my large company who replaced
it with a new one)
Fully Insured (Bike and Medical)
Always wear a helmet (#1 Rated Full Face Snell 95 Certified..best you can
Age 34...parents in retirement and too damn sensible to sue
Always wear custom made full leathers with pads, Kevlar Gloves, Full Face
Shield, Boots etc.
Lots of salable assets
Graduate: NH Department of Safety Motorcycle School
Driving Record: 1 speeding ticket in last 9 years