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re: V6 engine reliability?

From: Mark.Granoff@Software.com (Mark Granoff) asks:

<< Anyway, since I'm not a "fix it myself" kind of guy, I'm looking for a
general opinion here on the engine's reliability. I'm already a little
nervous about buying a used car (although the Audi Assure plan puts me more
at ease) and the last thing I need is a great car with a troublesome engine. >>

I'm not sure if there's enough people on this list with well used V6's but 
here's one data point:

I bought a '93 100CSQ 15 months ago with 68K miles on it. It now has about
98K.  I have had no problems with the engine whatsoever.  The only thing I've 
had to replace that should have lasted longer is a power steering hose and the
fuel line from the filter to the engine.  The engine itself has been quiet 
and troublefree.  It uses about a quart every 3500-4000 miles.  I change the 
oil (Castrol 20/50) every 5000 miles, since it sees mainly freeway miles.
I get anywhere from 22 to 24 MPG, which is a little better than my '88 90Q
(21-23 MPG - what do other 90Q owners get?).
Not bad for a bigger engine with more power in a car that weighs 700lbs more!


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