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V6 engine reliability?

My apologies if this has been discussed to death.

I am considering buying a pre-owned 1994 Audi 90CS Quattro (the same car I
posted about yesterday, from which I received great responses, for which I
thank you). The car has 30K miles on it. I drove it last night. Nice car. :-)

A friend of mine (a A4 owner and Audi enthusiest) thought I should ask The
List about the general reliability of Audi's V6. He knew that the Audi's 5
cyl was considered to be rock solid, but didn't know what the concensus was
for the V6. He didn't remember hearing or reading anything bad about the

Anyway, since I'm not a "fix it myself" kind of guy, I'm looking for a
general opinion here on the engine's reliability. I'm already a little
nervous about buying a used car (although the Audi Assure plan puts me more
at ease) and the last thing I need is a great car with a troublesome engine.

Thanks in advance.

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