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Re: Intercooler coolers...

>Why aren't people injecting water _into_ the inlet system,instead of 
>_over_ the intercooler? Actually spraying into the manifold would give 
>better charge cooling,surely.

I'm working on that, too, but spraying water on the IC is a no-brainer and
easy to do ... water injection is a whole 'nother matter entirely.  (BTW,
the IC isn't the only thing that benefits from additional cooling ... if you
check, you'll see the intake manifold gets pretty hot, too, as do the hoses
from the turbo to IC and IC to throttle body.  When I'm autocrossing my
Ur-Q, I douse *everything* between runs using a garden sprayer filled with
ice water and even then, by the third run, the car is noticeably down on
power ... unfortunately, I can't add any sort of IC cooler per the rules of
the class I'm running in and just have to live with this.)  :^( 
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