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Re: Defensive driving (no audi content and too long, gee, will anyone read it?)

In message <199706190928.KAA04939@mailserver.nhm.ac.uk> gnt@nhm.ac.uk (Graham Thackrah) writes:

> As a result I find myself driving MUCH more
> defensively, looking as far down the motorway as possible, checking side
> junctions and generally being much more prepared to slow down or stop if
> conditions dictate.

BSM (British School of Motoring) do a half-day "Defensive Driving" course.  
It's excellent, and some insurers will give a discount to people who've taken 
it.  Companies with fleets of cars can get _MAJOR_ discounts if every driver 
completes the course.
I did it in 1988 - I found it very, very useful indeed.  There's a lot of 
trivial stuff, but it all makes sense.
Example:  If you're turning across oncoming traffic (i.e., turning right in the 
UK or left in the USA) and you have to wait in the centre of the road - keep 
the front wheels pointing straight ahead until the moment that you actually 
move into the turn.  Reason:  If some asshole piles into your back end, you'll 
be pushed forward and not into the oncoming traffic - which you would be, if 
you'd already turned the wheels ready to go.

Loads of stuff like that.  Very useful.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club