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Re: praise Bentley


Ken wrote:
> So, I pull the regulator off and look at the brushes.
> They're_way_tapered instead of "U" shaped, like they've been dragging on
> the rotor by their springs instead of staying firmly in their holders.
> They looked pretty much below tolerance (on the low side, still big as
> heck on the high side of the taper).
> Just to check, I pull the same device from the 4ksq, put it in, and test
> it out.  Everything's back to norm!
> So now, I gotta special order from Pep Boys or Kragen a brush set for
> about $8, and hope it ain't the regulator too.  Really doubt it,
> though.  If it is, I'll be getting that Group 6 external *yeeccch*
> Motorcraft regulator upgrade for $125.  I just got my 12" Vega's
> reconed, you know.  ;-)

FYI, many Home Depots carry a large selection of brushes (ie, about 40
sizes) in the hardware aisle. Probably not the exact Bosch shape, but
they can easily customized with sandpaper. ~$5, if memory serves.