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self-serve window tinting


It's getting on to summer here in Boise. This means highs of 90-95 dF
and a pleasant 20% humidity. So, while it's not "hot" outside, the car
(white with light grey interior) is quite toasty. Upon calling around to
get some quotes for window tint, I began to think I could just "do it
myself." $200 for some colored plastic?!? BTW, I want to do the (white)
'87 4kq and (brown) '86 4k ($400 for some colored plastic?!?).

Has anyone had success doing your own windows? The side windows look
pretty simple:  simple concave curvature. The rear window, while pretty
flat, is concave from side-to-side and top-to-bottom. One thing I don't
want is to have the funky bubbled tint in a few months.

Anyone BTDT or swore it off forever?