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Detroit --> Mt. Wash. route ideas...

Next Friday Ingo Rautenberg and myself will depart for Mt. Wash. from the
Detroit area.  However we would appreciate some input on route ideas.  It
seems that we have 3 choices.

1) Drive entirely in the good ol' US of A.
2) Cut through Windsor Canada and drop down into Buffalo, NY.
3) Drive the Canadian route all the way up to Montreal and head back down
to Mt. Wash.

Seeing that both Ingo and I had to see the local Magistrate this past week
for speeding infractions we were wondering what happens when you get
nabbed in Canada?  Can we just, um, split the country and never come back?

I suppose we can look at the three routes with regards to timeliness,
scenery, chances of meeting future brides, and concentration of law
enforcement officials... So if any of you locals or geographically
inclined listers out there have any good advice we would be glad to hear



Brendan Rudack

Fenton, Michigan 

'88 90q
coil-overs, G60s, 63mm exhaust, 
modified bumper....

'87 5000tq 
IA stage 2, ABT/Koni/Tokico's
working on modified bumper...