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More on fuel pump relay on 82 coupe(long)

Posted on 6/16 no start condition and recurrent problems with f/p relay.
I spent most of the morning trouble shooting why car no started with new
relay installed. Fuel pump ok idle stabilizer ok spark ok, but no
continuity from pin 87 back to pump.
suspected break in hot wire close to relay box.  Got sick of dead ends and
had car towed
to local audi/volvo guru. Gues what? I had apparently inserted the new
relay in the wrong recepticle. It was the "right",  spot according to the
manual but when the relay panel was pulled out of it frame the wires werent
theright color codes.  he right rececepticle was the next tier up from the
main relay block second  slot  from the right side.The Bentley does show
the '81 coupe's f/p being in the upper berth. Iam still perplexed on the
location and function of all the relay on this car, ie, those in the glove
compartment, the other relays on the "second tier" above the main panel.The
other issue I am concerned about is the excessive heat generated by the fp
relay, as evidenced by the burn marks surrounding #87 pin on the
recepticle.  Mechanic thought the connectors likely had spread open and
were creating hi resistance, or tht fp itself may be pulling excessive
amps.  I plan to check this out later.  Is this excess heat common? How
about fire hazard? Sorry for the  bw, but this testing by the Audi gods is
all too familiar.