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Re: Net worth, Cylinder Index

I like this one...

Here's my list:

91 Audi 100			5
89 VW Golf GTI			4
86 VW Golf Diesel 250k miles	4
86 VW Golf Diesel 190k miles	4
85 VW Golf			4
92 KX 250 (dirt bike)		1
91 KDX 250 (dirt bike)		1
Tractor				2
Weed Whacker			1
Chain Saw			1
Generator			1
Snowblower			1
1946 C-120 (airplane)		4
Model airplane with gas engine	1

I hope that's everything. So let's see, that works 
out to a CI of 34 and an age of 34. No wonder I am
always wrenching on something. Sometimes I really
feel like I am the slave of my toys! I gotta retire 
some of these cars soon. I just don't know which ones.
They all run great but are worth nothing to everybody
else! Anybody out there wants to swap 4 good running 
Golfs for one Audi? :-)