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Re: Window tinting...

Eric writes:

>Info I am after:  what brand/type of tinting is best?  What is the
>likelihood of bubbling or scratching of the film?  What is up with this
>"titanium" tint people are talking about?

One caveat when you get your windows tinted ... even the best films
(supposedly optically 'correct') show some optical distortion.  This
is only really noticable on sharply-sloped windows (i.e. the rear
window) where you look through the film at an angle.  Even worse,
rear defogger traces compound this, as they lie on the surface of
the rear window, and the tint-film (and it's 'glue') form a tent
over the trace and thus a series of long optically-distorting lenses
along the trace lines!  I found it pretty annoying when using my
rear-view mirror.

I would heartily suggest that anyone thinking of getting a tint
on their car, first check out the car of a friend/neighbor/relative
with tinted windows (preferably the same type of car) to see if
they want to proceed.

-Mark Quinn