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[Fwd: NEQ Audi / Quattro Corral Mt. Washington - June 27 - 29, 1997]

Hi All,

Here is some information on what is going on at the NEQ Audi / Quattro
Corral this coming weekend.

Bob W.

To: NorthEast Region Quattro Club USA (NEQ) Corral Participants &
Interested Folks                                             
From: Bob W., Eventmaster, e-mail: zcritter@netaxis.com

For those of you who are interested in what is going on this weekend
here is our schedule for this event.

All registered participants should have received their Laminated ID card
and Postcard with their Car number by Wednesday June 24. At this time we
have 51 Audi / Quattros registered for the NEQ Corral and our
registration is closed.

If you want to find out where we are going to be that which follows is
our schedule:

On Friday night we hope to all meet in Gorham ON THE STREET BEHIND THE
to the mountain. In order to be part of this caravan we ask that if you
are not Registered to follow us after the last Registered NEQ Corral

FRIDAY June 27: There is NO NEQ CORRAL. 

We (The NEQ Corral) will meet at Cruise Night 5-6PM in Gorham and
organize our caravan (for Saturday & Sunday)to Mt Washington.

SATURDAY: There are no entrance Fees required.

1. We should try and meet in Gorham at our STAGING AREA and drive
together to Mt.Washington as a group to watch the Practice runs that run
from 7AM to 11AM. There is NO NEQ CORRAL yet.

2. We will be able to enter the NEQ CORRAL area at 11:30AM (start of
Lunch Break) and be expected to stay in place from 1PM to 5PM.

SUNDAY: Your NEQ Corral ID and Car # will allow you to enter the NEQ
Corral area ONLY at the BASE. If any of us want to go up the Mt. to
spectate or use the shuttle bus there are fees which you must pay at the

1. We should try to meet at our STAGING AREA and all drive in together
between 7AM to 9AM to park in the NEQ CORRAL (Your admittance to the
Base is for parking in the NEQ CORRAL). 

2. At 12:30PM (Lunch Break) people will be able to enter or leave the
NEQ CORRAL but during active racing no movement will be allowed. If one
leaves the NEQ Corral and the Mt. then one must pay to re-enter. At @3PM
the Awards for the Competitors will be at the Base.

End of schedule.

There will be volunteers working and needed to organize and control the
NEQ Corral placement of cars and caravan. Please cooperate with them and
if your are a participant please volunteer.

Please remember to bring extra clothes, jackets, rain gear and cold
weather gear (yes there may even be snow) etc. since the weather is
highly changeable. Also bug stuff, sun block, film etc.

Should a NEQ Corral participant lose their lLaminated ID or Car # we
will have a backups for them at the NEQ Corral on Friday and Saturday.

When we meet on Friday we would appreciate any volunteers to help with

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.
I'll be leaving for Mt. Washington on Thursday the 26th.

Have a safe drive and see you at the Audi-Mt. Washington Hillclimb
“Climb to the Clouds”....

Bob W.
NEQ Corral