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Re: black

Dave says:-------
From: Dave Eaton <dave.eaton@minedu.govt.nz>
Subject: Re: black

> no comparison.  the black (charcoal) looks much better, attracts the 
> right sort of attention (no revenue collection officers), and looks 
> great on a straight car.  to my mind red is a very 80's colour (nomex 
> on).

Tornado Red is a PITA on Audis (I have it on my 91 200q) b/c it has no
clear coat and oxidizes/stains relatively quickly - so beware if you're
lazy about paint maintenance (I'm not). Frankly I didn't want an
arrest-me-red car at all (I prefer you-never-saw-me-officer silver, but
the price was right and I was running out of patience looking (91 200q
are rare in So. Cal.)  So far 12k miles in 6 months at high speed and no
tickets (knocking wood as I type this). 

I kind of agree with the 80s color comment, but with my mild
modifications (all lights, spoiler and side skirts - entire exterior is
red, black or silver/chrome - no orange lights) the car looks quite
sharp and more sporting (lowered 1"). Could just be post-purchase
affirmation but the car gets many complements from both sexes, car-types
and non-car types alike. 

> anyway, if you're not washing your car every week, you're not looking  > after it.



91 200q Tornado Red
86 5ktq Calahari Beige Metallic