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Colours and such

Sargent Schutt wrote:

> Tornado Red is a PITA on Audis (I have it on my 91 200q) b/c it has no
> clear coat and oxidizes/stains relatively quickly<...>

Definetely. I am contributing a_lot_to Meguires' and Zymol's bottom line.

Just like Sargent, I never wanted a red car, aquired it by accident (this car was a one owner, low 
mileage gem and cost $10k in 1994. I was 3rd in line to grab it. I offered $10400 and got the car. 
Still don't believe it).

But, unlike Sargent, I gradually got to like it. It is definetely a very rare colour for a 44 chassis 
Audi in my neck of the woods. Also, after 3 years of *my* care and an intensive Zymol diet the car 
looks like someone poured a bucketfull of red paint on it. No one ever belives it's age.

Yes, I got my share of out-of-state tix (where else I can afford to play on the interstates?) 
primerily coz it's red.

Bronze window tint and 16" MOMO Ferraris with red incerts accent it quite nicely.

It attracts a_lot_of second takes, but, like somebody else had justfully stated, alas, mainly from 
the male audience. Quite suprisingly, sometimes even from Mustang/Camaro crowd.

Also Al Powell wrote:
> The dark cars are not only a PITA to keep clean, they are murder in
> the summer.  This was a moderate pain in Washington State when I
> lived there - but in Texas, there ain't enough money to SELL me a
> black car.  They also show every dent and ding.  Best color for
> Tejas is good old white.

Ditto here. Under no circumstances would I buy a black car precisely for those reasons.
Today in Philly was 104F with humidity factored in.
Also, quite subjectively, I always felt that black belongs on a limo or at least on an S-class.

My 200 originally had black leather interior. That was atrocious. In summer time I felt like a 
Kentucky Fried Chicken, in winter time - like a pinguin, who got his gas disconnected for not paying 
the bills.
Finally I said enough is enough, tinted the windows and reupholstered the interior in a light beige 
velour. What a difference!

Needless to say, my new A4 will have a Pearl white paint, cloth interior and a light bronze window 

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ Tornado Red
'97 A4TQ Pearl White -on order