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Re: Colours and such

Interestingly, I've used Meguiar's for years, but I never detailed 
the 84, tornado red, because it always seemed to be needed some other
attention.  I finally got around to it yesterday, since the hood had faded
so badly, and I was considering having the car repainted.
I had used Meg. #2, #9, #26, my usual blend, on one piece of the
hood.  No change.  So I called them and they suggested a #4, or a new
compound they sell only in quarts or gallons.

Every place I went to that Meguiar's listed as a vendor had stopped 
carrying that brand and now carries 3M products.  I ended up
going to a local shop where, coicidentally, the guy's son
had just bought a silver coupe 20v, because he offered to
demo the stuff if I brought the car by.  I could not believe
my eyes when I saw the shine come out of that paint.

4 hours later, the car is better, but I'm not totally happy.  The
3M compound leaves lots of swirls marks, maybe because I did
it by hand.  I'm stopping by a local detail shop today to ask 
about it, and maybe borrow a straight spin buffer...

I'll bring the 3M stuff to the mount if anyone wants to sample it.

| Dan |
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