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1990 90Q 20V for sale

                      Subject:                              Time:  9:04 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         1990 90Q 20V for sale                 Date:  6/25/97

1990 90Q 20V, 66K miles, 5 sp., orig. owner, red with tan leather interior; 
very good condition in and out, and under the hood;  extras include set of
Blizzak snows, upgraded stereo(ADS speakers, power amp);  options include sun
roof, sport seats w/power adjust, ski sack;  FYI, the 20V has a 162 HP engine
and stiffer suspension than 80Q or 90 FWD.  Price is $11,500.  Contact me at
dschatz@cognex.com.  (Needham, Massachusetts)