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Re: 90q Seat Belt Question

It sounds like you are fooling with the Procon 10 mechanism...it was
introduced in the '88 90q; it is a purely mechanical system that uses
backwards movement of the engine/tranny in a crash to tension the seatbelts.
I don't know how much slack is 'right'; mine is fairly slack-free
(definitely less slack than yours)......SLM

At 12:12 AM 6/25/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Today's question is:
>Having spent a considerable time this past weekend hugging the front 
>differential of my wife's 90q in order to install a new "automatic" 
>seatbelt, I came to question the efficacy of Audi's design.  The seat 
>belt assembly includes a cable that starts at the take-up reel, 
>travels forward along the edge of the passenger compartment, 
>penetrates the firewall, and has its outer cover fastened just beyond 
>that point.  The inner part of the cable continues to pass over the 
>transmission to the other side of the car where it is fastened.  My 
>assumption is that tension on the inner cable with respect to the 
>outer cable locks up the belt.  However, the mounting points allow 
>several inches of slack to exist over the transmission.  This suggests 
>that the vehicle frame would have to be seriously ravaged before the 
>belt would be locked due to cable motion. Under these conditions, the 
>belt's acceleration lockup mode would surely be expected to already be 
>in operation.  So, can any of you more experienced Audinauts explain 
>under what conditions the cable part of the belt assembly is 
>P.S.  This replacement was a serious PITA, mainly because the exhaust 
>pipes occupy an area critical for the desired two-hands approach to 
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