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Re: PP Run & StL

Bob Myers said:

>Hi Y'all,
>It looks like we're getting set up for a short visit with Eric Fletcher.
>Food preferences, anyone?
>Eric,  My wife and I can eat anything that doesn't eat us first.  She'd
>rather not be forced to eat much hot/spicy Thai food or the like.

Okay folks if noone objects it looks like the Applebees in St. Charles 
will be the most convient place to meet. It's off of hwy 70 just west of 
the "Blank Check" bridge 2.5 miles west of hwy 270 and can bee seen from 
the highway, it will also put you past the traffic jams so you guys can 
make KC that night. I also talked to my buddy that Owns three 
Muffler/Suspension shops and if anyone needs repairs etc. he will make at 
least one bay and mechanic availble. One of those shops is just 3.5 miles 
from the restraunt, and it's lead mechanic is very familiar with 
Audi's... He's wrenched on mine, Randalls, Bruce's and several other 
lister's cars.

I'll be sending directions and phone numbers privatly in the next day or 

It will be good to put some faces with E-mail address! I'll see everyone 
on the 2nd!


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO