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Re: Suspension Woes Redux--> Bent rims, should I migrate to steel ones?

> Ok, here is my dumber than dirt question of the day.  How the hell did you
> fit 4x100 Corrado rims on a 5x112 Corrado VR6?  And why would you buy 55
> series snows?  That would seem to be a little too low profile....counter
> productive, if you ask me.  As for me, I stick with my Larger than life
> 175-80-13's on the GTI during the snow time!
I once had a Corrado G60 with 4 on 100mm pattern, the VR6 has 5 on 
100mm... I tried some 185/65/15 and they would rub during hard bumps and 
corners. Can't fit anything smaller than a 15" wheels because of the 11" 
brakes.  Gee, what will I do with my 12" x 1.25" rotors with 4 piston 
Brembo calipers, they only fit under my 16" wheels, time for a winter car?