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240mm clutch questions

Hello all, I have a few questions I hope can be answered. I'm upgrading 
my Corrado VR6 to 3.0l, about 230 hp. I'd like to upgrade the stock 228mm 
clutch to a turbo Quattro 240mm unit. It apears as though there's plenty 
of room on my stock flywheel to machine out the extra 12mm the larger 
disc will need. Question, the stock input shaft is a 28 spline piece, 
about 22mm (7/8") in diameter, what is spline/diameter of the input shaft 
on the Audi? 2nd question, the bolt cirle on the flywheel that the 
pressure plate attaches is about 255- 260mm on 6 bolts, the Audi unit?. 
Anyone have a 
junk disc/pressure plate lying around, I'll pay shipping for your junk!