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Re: quattro-digest V4 #873

> Does anybody out there have experience with Stebro exhaust, or know if the
> Scorpion exhaust is worth its ridiculous cost?
> Well that's it from my end...my 4kq goes into surgery tomarrow for a
> suspension overhaul, hope my baby pulls through!
> Audios!
> Sean Houghton
> 87' 4000 cs quattro 60K

It's not just a muffler- full cat-back system w/ center resonator, 2.5"
stainless T-304 tubing, muffler and upswept tips... you want ridiculous?
Price out a B&B TriFlo exhaust, thats expen$ive! Muffler *only* for my
brother's 930 is $1100! (Actully, I think those are only available for
Audi 90s, so it's a moot point) 
Nonetheless, I never considered Stebro before I bought my Scorpion, and
for me, it was worth it. It looks great, sounds great, noticeably
increases power and will last forever... what else do you want?