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Re: EM JetHot Coatings

	I mentioned louver's here awhile back because they really are
effective in scavenging heat.  Remember though, to really make louvers
work well you have to plan on getting air into the engine compartment from
front of car while driving [thus getting a "forced" deployment as opposed
to a "hot air rises" sort of passive deployment of heat].  Works really
well if you think it through.  Some of the new vents on other cars work
well too.

	Look into shielding the turbo / compartment with a blanket.  Lot
of Buick GN's that race take this approach.  
	Many other ideas at work on cooling, but out of time right now.


On Fri, 27 Jun 1997 Raudi83TQ@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 6/26/97 11:21:50 PM, mike@genesis-microchip.on.ca (Mike
> Hopton) wrote:
> << I am planning on fabricating heat shields to fit between the inlet and 
>      exhaust manifolds and to try and isolate the hot and cold sides of the 
>      turbo. May even cut some holes in the bonnet.
> >>
> This is interesting! I have been working along the same line with the urq -
> what to do with the heat problem. I am considering louvers in the "bonnet",
> also. What are you thinking of using for insulation? I have been looking at a
> flexible ceramic fabric with aluminum foil on both sides that is about 5mm
> thick. Stuff is expensive, however. Going beyond the manifold and down pipe,
> I have seen a car with the turbo cold side coated and another with the hot
> side coated. Thinking here seems to be in a state of confusion. What is the
> best path for the heat in the exhaust system? What is the best way to get it
> or keep it going in the right direction? Some more McMath is needed here.
> John
> 83urq