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cc: Re: Audi Brakes

On Sunday, June 29, 1997  9:06 a, RRINGLIE @ UNIX (RC Ringlien) 
{rringlie@isd.net} wrote:
>Date: 29-Jun-97 9:06:43 -0700
>From: RRINGLIE @ UNIX (RC Ringlien) {rringlie@isd.net}
>To: PATRICK$ @ UNIX {PATRICK_KELLY@HP-Andover-om3.om.hp.com}
>Subject: Re: Audi Brakes
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>  From: RC Ringlien <rringlie@isd.net>
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>PATRICK_KELLY@HP-Andover-om3.om.hp.com wrote:
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>>      Hi Bob,
>>      My name is Patrick Kelly and I've been following your post on the
>>      Quattro list regarding your brake drag problem.  Yesterday my 87 5kQ
>>      did pretty much the same thing on the drive to work.  I just finished
>>      doing the timing belt, water pump job. The only work I did to the
>>      hydraulics or brakes was to change the pump belt and top off the
>>      hydraulic fluid.  About 30 minutes into my drive on a 75 degree
>>      morning the brakes started to drag and the brake pedal was very hard.
>>      I didn't try any hard stops and the indicator light never came on.  I
>>      let the car cool down till lunch and drove it again and everything was
>>      normal. Drove it home and back to work today and everything seemed
>>      normal.  I talked with my parts guy who said its the bomb and it
>>      should have been replaced anyway since I'm approaching 200k miles.
>>      The Bentley manual has a whole pressure checking procedure for the
>>      hydraulic system that I'm considering having done but I thought I'd
>>      ask you how you made out with your '89 since the symptoms you
>>      described are very similar to mine.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
>>      TIA,
>>      Pat Kelly
>>      kpatrick@an.hp.com
>   Thanks for the interest.  It sounds like the same problem to me also.
>My fixing has been delayed because of work on the other Audi in the
>family(85 5kt).  We've also been able to get by without the 89 for now
>as we are sharing the minivan. I'm going to put in a used bamb as a
>diagnostic aid next week.  There's a 50-50 chance in my mind that will
>do it.  It's somewhat hard to understand how the lack of assist can make
>the brakes drag, but in my case the bomb is probably bad anyway as the
>light blinks when I stab the brakes.  My servo passes the simple return
>hose disconnect leak test--does yours?  But maybe heat changes things.
>The MC could also be corroded or not releasing, independent of the
>  I'll keep you posted.
>RC Ringlien
>2 Audi's, 1 minivan(one always runs)


I too have been following your discussion about brakes. I had all the 
same symptoms you are describing about two weeks ago(draging brakes and 
hard pedal). I replaced the bomb with a used one (New runs about $289 I 
believe). It took care of the problem. 


Jens Oxlund
86 5KTQ