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Re: Did Audi ever make a non turbo 200 2WD ?

In fact, as confusing as it was, Audi did in fact make non turbo 200's and
turbo 100's, at least for European consumption.  The 200 5E and the 200 5T
were both available in the late seventies/early eighties, whereas the 100
Turbo was marketed in the late eighties.

As an example, the 2,2 litre, 100kW (136 hp) engine (engine code WC) was
available from 8/79 to 7/84 in the Audi 200 5E, and the 2,23 litre, 121kW
(165 hp) engine (engine code MC) was available 8/86 to 12/90 in the Audi
100 Turbo.

All this was, to the best of my understanding, a result of the differing
trim and equipment levels  of the 100/200 at those times.  These variations
allowed Audi to market higher trim level cars for those who did not either
want to pay for the turbo or were skeptical of the powerplants durability. 
The 100 Turbo had the same logic, only in reverse, ie. pay less than the
200, get more power than the 100 normally has, but don't have to pay for
the equipment level of the 200.

Today the Audi lineup is such that the equipment/trim levels are not tied
into powertrain selections for the most part, hence such oddballs are not a
part of the model lineup.  In the new A6, A4 and A3, you can have just
aboutany equipment in any powertrain.  With the old A6 the only deviations
from this rule seemed to be the S6/S6 plus.  The same goes for the A8,
where the only deviation from the rule is the S8.

Of course, certain countries importers may have placed restrictions on the
model mix for their markets.

Jouko Haapanen
Automarkku Oy Audi-VW
Pori, Finland

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> Subject: Did Audi ever make a non turbo 200 2WD ?
> Date: 29. kesäkuuta 1997 02:29
> Saw a supposed Audi 200 on a forecourt today.1985,and badged as a 200. 
> None 4 wd,and none turbo.Was it kosher?
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