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Re: wheels and tire upgrades for A4

I have had various 17" setups on my A4's, and have found the 235/45R17 to
be my choice.  I had 235/40R17's previously, but the overall diameter was
slightly less than stock, resulting in more space in wheelwells (not good)
and more speedo error (not good).  The 235/45's are slightly larger in over
all diameter than stock, fixing the empty wheelwell look, as well as
correcting the factory speedo error.  The correct size as far overall
diameter is 225/45R17, I have yet to try these.  I've used 215/45R17's as
my snow tires, the same goes for the diameter as the 235/40R17, but there
is not much out there as far as 17 inch snows.

I am presently using BBS RX's in 17x8 (waited 3 months to get RC's - got
tired of waiting and saved a bundle), on my previous car I had the Audi A6
wheel 17x8 10-spoke.  Both wheels are nice, but the RC is the way to go if
your not on a tight budget (the hell with budgets).

BTW, I was filling up at the local Shell one night and a 3-series BMW
pulled up to fill, and he had 18" rubber on his car.  I felt sooooo small. 
Makes one wonder if ride comfort matters, must look into this solution.

PS. lower the car, or it will look silly.

Jouko Haapanen
Automarkku Oy Audi-VW
Pori, Finland

> From: Mrsoul55@aol.com
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> Subject: wheels and tire upgrades for A4
> Date: 30. kesäkuuta 1997 04:45
> Hi everyone.  I just joined this group and actually just bought an Audi
> 1.8T.  I am looking to do upgrades to the car but I am going to start
> upgrading the wheels.  I want to move to 17" wheels and have been
> a 5 spoke model by ABT.  I don't know which model name it is.  Does
> have any other suggestions for wheels besides ABT?  I have looked on the
> Rack Pit Stop thing but didn't really see anything I liked.
> Also, what is a good size tire to go with?  235/45 17?  I want to lower
> car a little bit to get rid of excess space in the wheel well so I need
> something that will fit.  I certainly don't plan on lowering it very much
> I think it will play a part in the wheel size.
> Thanks for any help.