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Mt. Washington>Pikes Peak Convoy

Hey Gang-

Well, I just got off the phone with Jim Griffin and Brendan Rudack and
they're about to overnight in the Rochester, NY area, with plans to arrive in
Indianapolis, IN tomorrow (Tuesday) night, and I will meet up with them there
Wednesday morning.  Justin was driving Brendan's 90q at the time.

They also reported seeing a white sport quattro (Frank Breddor's son??)
passing them at 120 mph or so and then back.  Apparently having a fun "on
road" excursion.  Weren't there just nine of these brought into the U.S.?

So those interested in meeting up in Columbus OH...sorry, plans change.  I
know Bob Myers will meet with us in Saint Louis, along with Eric Renneisen --
I can't believe I just got that: "Racing Iron" = German "Renneisen."  

Haven't exactly figured out where Jim, Brendan, Justin and I are going to
meet in Indy, but I will be checking my E-mail tonight and tomorrow for
suggestions?  Temporarily unsubbed to the q-list for trip/mail bounce
reasons, so please e-mail privately.

Hope to see as many q-listers as possible, so join in the convoy if you like
or we'll see you at Pikes Peak.

-Ingo Rautenberg
'90 V8Q 174k+
Bloomfield Hills, MI