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Next ur-quattro upgrade

In message <5607500901071997/A83679/CSAV10/11B70A720600*@MHS.minedu.govt.nz> Dave Eaton writes:

> the 20v never had the powered sunroof to my knowledge.
> certainly the three that made it down under didn't.

If you check the wiring diagram I faxed you, you'll find J139 described on page 
56/2 as "Steuergeraet fuer Fensterheber und Schiebedach" - control unit for 
electric windows and sunroof.  The main diagram is only entitled "Electric 
Windows" and doesn't show any sunroof connections.  Interesting.  The parts 
fiche lists the control unit as fitted from 85-L-000-001 onwards, and 
describes it as "Control unit for electric windows and sliding sunroof". It 
_doesn't_ show any motorised parts in the exploded diagrams for the sunroof, 
but I know of at least one 20V that has one.  I also know of a 1984 WR with a 
motorised _and_sliding_ sunroof fitted by a dealer, and I hope to be able to 
photograph it later this year - the owner plans to replace the headliner 
sometime in Sept/Oct.
As I pointed out last night, the labelling of many of the circuit diagrams 
leaves a lot to be desired.

I will investigate further.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club