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QTC tie rod

In message <970630165634_-192628340@emout11.mail.aol.com> AudiQtroCp@aol.com writes:

> The serial # for the newer style is 85-D-900582 ... 

Ah!  The _BACK_ end!
Yup.  To 85-C-902000 it's #857 501 499A, then #857 501 499C from 85-D-900001 to 
85-J-900621 and #893 501 499A from 85-J-900622 onwards.  The ends are still not 
listed separately.

None of these parts are actually made by Audi.

Audi's stock holding is a serious problem in the UK.  They hold _4_ front tie 
rods in the country, to support around 1,000 ur-quattros.  As very many of our 
cars are sold on 1 August (for registration letter reasons), an awful lot come 
up for their annual roadworthiness test at the end of July.  This causes a 
sudden peak in demand for bushes, tie rods, etc., right at the time when the 
factory shuts down for two weeks.  I couldn't get a replacement front tie rod 
two years ago because UK stock was exhausted "and the factory is shut".  Audi 
UK wanted me to wait four weeks with the car off the road - I called a German 
dealer and got one sent to the UK in three days.  When the factory re-opened 
they had no stock _either_, and the person I spoke to said they had to re-order 
"from our supplier" (Zulieferer).

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club