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Re: http://www.audi.co.za/boutique/index.html

In Hemmings Motorm News there are several outfits that specialize in scale models.
There used to be one in South Jersey, Edison I think, caled something like ECM.
They had absolutely everything and in every color. If I can remember the name I'll
post it.

- Douglas

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Similarly, they have a A4 1:43 that would look good on my desk. Any luck

This begs the question, does anyone have a source for scale model Audi's?
I cruised around to a number of sites but didn't locate any A4's.  I
suspect that they are not endemic to South Africa.

-- Jeff Kimbel

'97 A4q 2.8 (still black - last time I checked)

>Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 10:40:01 -0400
>From: "Sean Ford" <sean@nwh.org>
>Subject: http://www.audi.co.za/boutique/index.html
>   Yet another example of Audi Accessories, this time in South Africa (I
>checked this time, it's really South Africa). I don't suppose we have any
>SA listers now, do we? I've got my eye on the A6 1:43 assembled model for
>my desk and I think I'm going to need a little help acquiring it...
>Sean Ford
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