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Ur-q "no start" questions


I'm back for some Audi abuse. My new daughter "Portia" has been a
handfull for the last four months. Got her semi-trained now. She's
easier to control than these darn Audis...

A friend of mine (Steve Early) has a 1983 Ur-quattro, vin#428, early 83
with rear swaybar, etc... Coupe was driving fine, parked it and came out
at lunch to restart and nothing. Turns over fine, but no spark. Here's
what he has tried-

1. Swaped ECU, no change.
2. New hall sensor, nothing.
3. Checked timing, nothing either.
4. Checked ignition switch, nadda.
5. Coil, same thing nadda

The place he took it found that when cranked over, the fuel check valve
clicked once, then stopped. And then after cranking, clicked once again,
then one quick spark. Got me.

Anyway, I will suggest that Steve should check ALL referance sensors
(flywheel) Coil - again and make sure that #15 terminal is getting 12v.
Chase ALL voltage from sensors to ECU, and finally Check ignition switch

I never had a "no start" problem with my Ur-q, except for the damn
starter solenoid when it was reeealy hot.

Any other ideas before I go back for the under the dash binge wire party
with Steve? Fuel pump relay...?

Dave L. got any ideas...?